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Would you say you’re a deep thinker? Want to look at the world from different perspectives? Intrigued as to how applied spirituality can help you achieve your goals? Roehampton KC society focuses on providing a platform by which you can connect, interact, and discuss relevant life issues with like minded people. We try to make students think deeply about life from different perspectives.

We try to give spiritual wisdom from an ancient body of literatures called the Vedas. Though they were compiled some time ago, they still provide cutting edge tools for modern day life. We give skills and techniques which are very practical for everyday application and have held events on stress management. What you would do if you had 24 hours to live?  How to get a 1st. Components of happiness and the monk who sold his Ferrari. We have 30 regular students attending our society all from diverse backgrounds and walks of life.

Our Krishna Consciousness Society is special since we focus on serving one another and helping each other to reach our goals. We also have extra curricular events organised throughout the year to allow students to develop a deeper insight into the philosophy. For example we have KC society Getaway retreats at the Bhaktividenta Manor which was donated by George Harrison from the Beatles.

We have also organised a summer trip to Italy this coming August, which focuses on mediation and happiness. Over 100 students will be attending from all parts of the country. Krishna Consciousness Society is for the inquisitive individuals who realise that there is more to life!

Roehampton KC Soc is a place where students from Roehampton University can come and look into deeper aspects of life.


Time: 7pm-9pm
Free Food and Music every event

Contact: Geena – 07854-255-058

See you there!

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