Committee Member Interview

Kam is in her second year studying Computer Science at Coventry University. She is originally from Birmingham and was introduced to the Krishna Consciousness Society in 2013. One year later, and she is the president of Coventry KCSoc. 

 kamWhy did you join KCSoc?

At the start I went to KCSoc just because of the free food at every event. It meant that I didn’t have to cook for myself on Tuesday evenings, I could just pop down to KCSoc. The food is always delicious and always makes me go back for more! But now having looked back on my first year at the society, I think the reason I keep going back is because of all the wonderful people there, and there’s also a certain energy about KCSoc that is infectious!

What is your favourite thing about KCSoc?

I think my favourite thing would be the mantra meditation [kirtan]. I remember going to a 24 hour kirtan last year in Birmingham and it was amazing! By the end of the event, I was in such a happy mood that nobody could bring me down. I believe that if we listen to kirtan wholeheartedly then we can achieve anything we put our minds to.

What does mantra meditation mean to you?

I like doing mantra meditation. When I do it in a peaceful environment with a calm state of mind, I feel refreshed at the end of the meditation. I come from a Sikh background and my mother always asks why I choose to chant the maha mantra rather than saying Waheguru. I find it easier to chant Hare Krishna because it just easily rolls off my tongue. It’s such a beautiful combination of words and perfect sounds.

If you could sum up KCSoc in one word, what would it be?