Day Retreat – 2nd March 2019

After the massive success of our November retreat, KCSoc is happy to announce our next day retreat of the year on Saturday 2nd March 2019!

CTRL + ALT + RETREAT: reboot yourself is set to be a day packed with delving deeper, fun, and harmonizing the demands of the mind, body, and soul!

Come to experience the tranquillity of a harmonised spiritual lifestyle set in over 70 acres of land sponsored by George Harrison (of the Beatles) in the Hertfordshire countryside.

The retreat is only £12 (early bird price) ALL INCLUSIVE – 3 meals, workshops and activities facilitated by incredible people; and the start of an incredible, lifelong journey of self-discovery and growth!

VENUE: Bhaktivedanta Manor, Watford, Hertfordshire. (shuttle service from Stanmore Station available!)
DATE: Saturday 2nd March 2019
TIME: 8:45am – 7:30pm
COST: £12 (early bird) – valid till 31st January 2019; £15 thereafter

Once you’ve signed up and paid, you’ll receive a confirmation email and you’ll be all set to attend!

Contact the following for more info or queries:

Primisha: 07587069123
or email: [email protected]

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Registration Process

  1. Fill out the form
  2. Make your payment
  3. Collect your ticket
  4. Welcome aboard!

Previous Retreats

The Venue

Testimonial from a previous retreat:

I recall a subtle excitement, exposing itself through the muscles in my face, as we were directed towards the cars awaiting our arrival to transport us from Stanmore Station to the Bhaktivedanta Manor. However, it was almost as though throughout the day and by its end, that subtle excitement revealed itself to be an enchanted elevation after a truly humbling and enlightening day.

Right from all the students settling into the main temple room awaiting the introductory talk and icebreakers, you could feel the aura about the place, of being surrounded by such mindful and spiritually-intellectual people. Within these few developing hours, there was almost a communal preliminary understanding that could be identified, to the secrets of living a more content and fulfilling life as everybody shared their experiences and muses. I couldn’t feel more at home than I did at the time. There was a beauty in being surrounded by people who are striving to achieve the same goal.

Nevertheless, the activities lined up for the day too, did not leave the slightest room for disappointment. My first chosen activity was yoga and only with all the honesty in my heart can I truly emphasis how relaxed and weightless I felt after the yoga session. It was as though my mind had been cleared of reoccurring, clutter-some thoughts, leaving me room for solely a serene and peaceful outlook towards the present at the time. I would most definitely recommend the yoga session to everybody that comes along.

From start to finish, the wholesome smiles, the positive humour, the heartfelt singing and the mere emanation of the people that make the manor, The Manor, defined for me, my experience of the Retreat last month, and I would without hesitation do it all over again!

– Sangeeta Gohil, Global Health & Social Medicine (1st Year Student)